'Seeing Blue' shines through the fragility of current systems of care.

SEEING BLUE - Poem by Jatun Risba
The sky these days is
getting colder, sharper and greyer whereas
dreams are coated in metal
nightmares, alas.
Nevertheless, the less is not taken seriously enough
nevertheless, the less travelled road is full of life
nevertheless, the metal plate remains a blade
of sharp divisions and cold selfishness.
Better a butter reality than a mind-buffering one
better a bitter hope than a fear ahead of the two
trembling in front of who is still dreaming
of seeing blue.

'Seeing blue' is a 10x15 cm sculpture made entirely of upcycled materials. The assemblage of sharp metal plates that are wrapped in threats of different shades of blue, points to the fragility of present-day structures of democracy and welfare.

Jatun Risba: Seeing Blue (2020)