Kulturni Dom Nova Gorica - 21.2.2023

A unique experience with original musical and art performances created for one evening only. Everything is waiting for you.

Kulturni Dom Nova Gorica - 21.2.2023

A transdisciplinary Live Art event with the premiere screening of the feature art film Ash Holder. The shown dreamlike odyssey throughout the rocky course of an absent river generates a landscape in which a multitude of artists and artistic expressions meet, cohabit and thrive together in difference.


Poetics of Relation. Postulate nu. 1 is a transdisciplinary Live Art Event with the premiere screening of the feature art film Ash Holder. The screening will be accompanied with original live art performances by Jatun Risba, Franco G. Livera, Tomislav Vrečar and Enej Ljubič Šinigoj.

The art film Ash Holder is the first Act of the 4-act series in the making A Tree Doesn’t Fall Far From the Mountain (Risba & Livera, 2022-), shot at the irregular karst spring of the Lijak creek in West Slovenia. Ash Holder presents an intimate, self-revealing pilgrimage across the wild territories of the unfabricated nature (of mind). The artwork alludes to and manifests a basic ground of all-rightness, interconnectedness and sacredness intertwined throughout all levels – inner, outer and ultimate – of reality.

Poetics of Relation events enact a research-creation process about emergent relations with human, non-human and more-than-human agents as a means to create non-aligned loving communities. The latter are generated in situ, through a rhizomatic mode of co-operation and co-existence, which is both singularly specific and interdependently conditioned. The basic premise of the initiative is that a multidirectional interaction of different languages, forms of life and artistic expressions helps cultivating familiarity and pleasure in the vicinity of foreign and unpredictable forces. So as to facilitate the realization that the other is part of us.

Art film: A Tree Doesn’t Fall Far From the Mountain – ACT 1: Ash Holder (Risba & Livera, 2022)
Art performance: Jatun Risba, Franco G. Livera
Music improvisation: Tomislav Vrečar
Music composition and opera singing: Enej Ljubič Šinigoj
Set design: Lea Jazbec
Facilitation: Jatun Risba