The numbers inscribed in the matter-space, and the emptiness within.


‘Numb Nature’ is a durational transmedia performance by Jatun Risba and Xiola Yin (aka Aloïs Yang) developed during the art residency at Záhrada - Centrum nezávislej kultúry in summer 2021.

The project takes into account the presence of mathematical proportions in matter and uses these matrices to explore the potentiality of formal deconstruction, with reference to the contemporary quest for new environmental, political, economic, educational, aesthetic and existential models. The starting point of this investigation was the Fibonacci sequence which is known also as the golden ratio, φ (Phi), that frequently occurs when observing the existence of regular patterns in nature (fractals) in the geometry of plants, flowers or fruits. The research process during the art residency gave birth to a multichannel   audiovisual installation that investigates the fragility and the sublime character of selected biomatter: ice and different types of organic liquids and scents.

A work by Jatun Risba and Xiola Yin.
Live Art performance: Jatun Risba
Sound design, interaction and performance: Xiola Yin (aka Aloïs Yang)
Video footage: Adam Engler
Video editing: Franco G. Livera

Numb Nature at Zahrada - Trailer