MRI MS_Vanitas (2017)

Is technology making current modes of production and organization obsolete?

MRI MS_Vanitas (2017)
Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. (Ecclesiastes)


This mixed-media performative assemblage with various tools and things for looking at and understanding the world is considered within the art genre of Vanitas: memento mori representations, which remind the viewer of the evanescence of all matter reality. The edible human brains were formed with the use of rapid prototyping techniques, while the use of ordinary, found objects (readymades) reflects previous trends in manufacturing and artistic production. 'MRI MS_Vanitas' was deliberately exhibited in a transitory ‘non-place’ (Marc Augé, 2000) – in the entry hall of a public building. The work underlines the complex and dynamic relations of particular objects to imagery and to the individuals and societies who both shape and are shaped by them.

'MRI MS_Vanitas.Life in motion' implies an appropriation of the “art that works” (Mustapha Khayati, 1966) which is realized through the appropriation of art (and life) itself. We can muse at its futility, mull over its grandness. We can …

The development of the project 'MRI MS'  in 2017 — in collaboration with RAMPA Lab and Kersnikova (Ljubljana) — was supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture.