MRI MS_Techno (2017)

'MRI MS_techno' opens the doors of sacred places to dancing crowds facing sorrow, fear and despair.

MRI MS_Techno (2017)
"the sounds of Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a techno hymn
the thinking body is shuffling
the thinking body is dancing hardstyle
trippin …
your pupils are so wide
and your eyes are so big
when gazing at FLOSS ...
+ - MRI MS is a body in motion for healthcare reform + -
My Resting In Myself Sane"

MRI MS_techno is ecstasy with electronic medical music; a variation on theme about rave parties and opensourceness; a service of bodies in a movement that liberates and connects; a collective effervescence of people who generate an electricity that transports them to an extraordinary degree of exaltation. Live set by Nina Dragičević with music by Pablito El Drito.